Consumers Seek Lighter and Larger RVs

March 4th, 2013

RV Business reported recently that consumers are percieving a market trend where travel trailers and fifth-wheels are becoming "larger and lighter" in a March 4 story posted on their website about the Springfield RV Megashow in Missouri. This is a trend that EverGreen RV has been accomodating since their inception with the introduction of brands such as the Ever-Lite, Sun Valley, i-GO and Ascend travel trailers, as well as the Bay Hill fifth-wheel.

The story went on to report that not everyone was interested in larger coaches, but instead, were looking for smaller, easy to tow coaches that they could pull with mid-sized SUVs or cars. "Not everyone wants to have to pull behind a one-ton truck. It’s getting harder to find the smaller ones," said one RV consumer at the show.

Luckily, RV enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, easy to tow travel trailer can pick from one of EverGreen RVs brands such as the Ascend. By using lightweight components such as aluminum rather than wood framing and composites which are lighter than wood, EverGreen is able to build coaches that weigh less and are more easy to tow than the competition at several price points.

RV Business quoted other attendees at the show who feel that it is getting easier to find lighweight coaches that are more fuel-efficient and easy to tow. The overall consensus from many interviewed was that RVs are getting more feature-rich and full of amenities such as self leveling (The new Bay Hill fifth-wheel from EverGreen is the first of its class to feature auto self-levelling as a standard, for example).

The show was reported to be well attended, and the response from those who attended point to the fact that the RV market is on the rise with many consumers looking to purchase a new travel trailer or fifth-wheel from a manufacturer such as EverGreen RV this season.




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