2017 National Park Budget will help revitalize parks for a new generation

February 11th, 2016


The National Park Service (NPS) reports that the President's budget request for 2017 for the U.S. NPS supports critical conservation, preservation, and recreation programs to share our country’s most iconic, natural, cultural, and historical landscapes with the next generation of visitors. This comes as good news for those who love the outdoors and recreational vehicles, as the budget proposes $3.1 billion to boost the NPS’ essential programs and operational needs by $250.2 million above the FY 2016 enacted levels.

“This is a smart, innovative and forward-looking budget that invests in Interior’s key missions — now and in the future — so we can continue to serve the American people,” said Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. This budget request will, according to Jewell, help revitalize America’s national parks as they mark their 100th anniversary this year—making it a great time to visit the parks in a travel trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler.

Visitation statistics show that America’s national parks are more popular than ever. More than 305 million people visited the 409 parks in the national park system in 2015 (including those with recreational vehicles), eclipsing the all-time visitation record in the previous year. As many RV owners know, National Parks are among the best RV camping on public land available.

“We are actively reaching out to a new generation of visitors and inviting them to explore the depth and breadth of the national park system,” NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis said. “The president’s budget will enable the National Park Service to continue to provide these visitors with a fantastic experience, while ensuring that these priceless resources are protected and preserved into the next century."

What is 'Glamping?'

February 3rd, 2016

We all know what camping is, but what is this new word we keep hearing at campgrounds and RV parks—“Glamping?” According to website, glamping or “glamorous camping,” pairs destinations with the intimacy of camping and the world of luxury travel. And glamping is quickly becoming a trend that merges the world of luxurious accommodations with unforgettable in-destination experiences that are tied to the experience of camping.

While some of these experiences take place in a variety of unique accommodations including tents, tepees, barns, cabins, cubes, pods, domes, huts, cottages or eco-lodges, glamping can also be done in RVs. And in addition to exotic locales and extreme locations across the globe, there are also glamping experiences to be had right here in the U.S.A.

Interested in finding out more? Check out sites such as, or And don’t forget to take your EverGreen, Skyline or Lifestyle travel trailer or fifth wheel along with you!

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