New Imperial Class B Motorhome Redesigned

December 1st, 2014

The new Imperial Class B Motorhome is a unique concept in traveling and overnight comfort built on the Mercedes Benz® Sprinter chassis. 

After introducing the Imperial at September's Open House and gaining valuable feedback, General Manager of Motorized, John Cunningham decided to develop the 245WS floorplan to display at the RVIA show in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The Imperial will set the bar for our reputation in the motorized segment and we want to set that bar high,” stated Cunningham. “We really wanted to give people something they’ve never seen before and continue surpassing expectations along the way. With the improved Imperial, you won’t find a better, more comfortable vehicle for family outings, tailgate parties or touring. We are applying all the latest automotive and camper van technologies to the Imperial, to build a Motorhome unlike any on the road today. We anticipate a great reaction from dealers in Louisville.” 

Learn more about the Imperial here.



New Element Features "Sky-gazer" Window

October 20th, 2014

EverGreen has done it again with another first in the industry. Taking innovation to new heights, the Element 30FLS or ‘Sky-gazer window’ features the industry’s first full-view front windshield. Now, the aerodynamic construction effortlessly combines function and form. 

The latest installment of the Element lineup has been completely redesigned and features the second largest piece of curved automotive glass in the industry only surpassed by that in Class A motorhomes. Accentuating the slope of the curved roof is a panoramic windshield uniquely designed for enjoying the scenic views day or night. The tinted glass allows light in during the day and a built-in shade offers privacy day or night.

A large great room is created by double slides opposite one another that significantly open up the interior. A 90-inch U-shaped dinette is housed opposite the kitchen and entertainment center. Situated beneath the Sky-gazer window is a wrap around sofa, strategically placed for appreciating the view. Once the sun goes down, a cushioned ottoman fits perfectly into the center of the wraparound sofa creating a bed, giving guests the opportunity to truly fall asleep under the stars. The 30FLS’s opposing slides, abundance of natural light, panoramic views and private bedroom, project the feeling of a much larger trailer.



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